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Support Installation


All of the Studiocode and SportsCode products are available to download online. None of the Products come with actual install disks. All Products except iCODA/CODA have a free 10 hour demo time. The time are used when the program is open. When you close down the program the time stops. All you need to do is when you see the registration window you will need to hit the "Demo Mode" button. Each time you start in Demo Mode it will tell you the time you have left. Once the ten hours runs out you will be no longer able to use it. Once you Purchase the program from us we will provide you with a registration code. This will give you full access to the program. Links to the programs installation instructions are below.



For installation Instructions click on the name of the

program you want to install below.


SportsCode Products:

SportsCode Gamebreaker/Gamebreaker Plus


SportsCode Elite/Pro/Review/Player



Studiocode Products:





Extra Products:






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