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Share Timeline with another computer

How to Export the Timeline

Open the Package that you want to share with the other coaches


Once open click on File -> Export -> XML edit list



Name the File and select the location where you want to save it. We recommend right on the desktop so you can email it easier. Then click on save.



You will then see the file on your desktop. It's icon will be a blank white piece of paper.



You can now email this file to other coaches. If you have multiple timelines you are combining. We recommend that you send it to one coach to combine them and then send them out to all coaches.


How to Import the Timeline


Once you receive the file email, download the file and place it on your desktop.


Open the video package that you want to add the timeline to. (You will need to have the same video in a package already on the computer)


Click on File -> Import -> XML edit list



Go to your desktop and select the file and hit choose



You will see the instances added to your timeline. If you have coded things already it will just add to the timeline.



You can then save the timeline and delete the timeline file on your desktop.



If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers


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