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How to use Quicktime Screen Record

In this Article we are going to show you how to use Quicktime Player to record your screen. To do this you must be running at least Mac OS X 10.6.8.

First open un Quicktime Player from your Applications folder or Doc

Click on the "File Menu" and the "New Screen Recording"

The Quicktime Screen recording window will open up. Here you have a couple of options. You can just click record to use the built in Mic or you can click the downward arrow to select a audio input.

Here you can choose to use Built-In Input or Soundflower. On how to Install sound flower click here, If you have already Installed Sound Flower and just want to see how to use it  Click here

Once you have selected what you want to use click the "Record Button"

The window that comes up explains how to stop the recording. Read this and then click Start Recording

You will notice the Stop recording at the top of the screen.

You now want to go to your video (This can be online pr in another application) NOTE: This does not work with the DVD player in Mac OS X.

Press Play and then take the video full screen.

When the video is done ether hit the "ESC" key on your keyboard or hit the exit full screen button

Once you have minimized that click on the Stop Recording Button.

Once you ht the Stop Recording the Screen recording will open immediately in Quicktime Player. You can go ahead and check it and then close the window.

We can find the movie located in the movie folder on your mac. Open up the finder  by clicking on the finder Icon

You then want to click on your Home folder (your login name with the house Icon next to it) then movies and you will see the screen recording.mov file there.

Drag the file from the movies folder out to the Desktop.

Now it is ready to be used in Gamebreaker.


For instructions to place the video in Gamebreaker please Click Here


If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers


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