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How to Use CamTwist

Now that you have downloaded and Installed CamTwist this is how you use it. (Download Instructions Here)

Open the video you are trying to capture in ether Safari or firefox


Open up your applications folder by clicking on the finder and then on applications



Double Click on the CamTwist Icon (Pictured Below)



Once CamTwist Opens, In the first column double click on Desktop +. Leave Step 2 and 3 Alone. In the settings area match what you see below. In the drop down menu, you will want to select Safari or Firefox depending what you have the video open in.



Once you have set up all the settings, click on the Select Capture Area Button



You will notice there is now a box around the safari or firefox window. you can click on the boxes to adjust the size of the box. Take the box and make it the size of the video window only. (Picture Below)



Once you have the video window only selected click on Done Selecting in CamTwist.



Now Open up Sportscode and open a capture window just like normal.



In the capture window select CamTwist under the input signal



Once you select that you will notice you will see the paused video in the screen.



Hit Capture at the top of this screen



Give it a name and save it to the desktop or wherever you want to save it and hit save



Now go back to the video in Safari or Firefox and hit play.



You will notice that Sportscode is now capturing the playing video file.


When the game is over click on stop in the capture window. It will open the package with the full video.





You can now close down all applications and break the video down like normal.

If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers

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