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Make your Computer a Wireless Network


This is How to make a wireless network using just your computer


First make sure Airport is on. Click on the Airport Icon at the top right hand part of your screen and click on Turn AirPort On.



Then Click on the AIrport Icon again and click on "Create Network…"



In the WIndow that opens up, Give your network a name(Make it unique but you don't want to reveal who created it)


Select the "Require Password" box (you don't want anybody to be able to connect to your computer for security reasons)


Enter a 5 letter password in the 2 Boxes and hit ok



When you hit the ok button the Airport should look like this. (A computer in the symbol)



Click on the AIrport icon and make sure the network you named has a check next to it.



You can now Connect your iDevice to your computer using the network name you made




If you have any questions let me know.




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