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Make a DVD with iDVD

How to make a DVD using iDVD

Open up Gamebreaker and bring up the game you would like to burn


Go on to the timeline and select the instances you want (command + Click, click and drag) to burn and click on make movie.



When the Instance movie comes up, Click in the video window and drag it to the Desktop If you just want the whole game just do the following steps from the main video window.



Video will show up on your desktop



Open the iDVD (ether from your doc, or applications folder)



When the iDVD window opens click on Create a New Project



In the Save as field name the DBD and select where you want to save it and hit Create



The main iDVD window will open up. To get a basic main screen click on the drop down that shows 7.0 themes and select old themes



Scroll about half way down till you see brushed metal. Click on the triangle on the left



click on the third one down called Chapters



Click on the video on the desktop and drag it to the menu screen and let it go


(If you would like to put multiple videos with Title screens that play together with music feel free to contact Ben Myers.)



Video will show up in the window like so. Double click on any of the words to rename the title or video



Once this is done click on the burn button next to the play button



Insert Blank DVD and iDVD will do the rest.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Manager Ben Myers

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