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Sports Rugby


SportsCode will help rugby coaches…

  • Access detailed information on team and individual performance.
  • Analyze games live as well as perform in-depth analysis post game because of the product’s flexibility.
  • Scrutinize any area of the game without in-depth training or technical knowledge because of the product’s simple interface.
  • Immediate disseminate valuable statistical and video teaching moments to players.
  • Make edits with the touch of one button.
  • Exchange scout video between teams.
  • Manage broad changes in the game through Sportstec Exchange and Stream.



SportsCode will help rugby players…

  • Provide immediate input to performance in training and matches.
  • Evaluate opposition.
  • Increase rugby tactical IQ.
  • Dramatically speed up the learning process.
  • Improve.


From those who know…

“By using Sportstec we have realized several gains. Overall our team has gone from a 27th ranked team 3 seasons ago to 10th in the world. Our players have shown tremendous progress in the understanding & growth of their individual game, their defensive technique as individuals as well as a team. We have gone from a 53% scrum effectiveness to 98%, in LO’s from 36% to 92%, both categories leading in the iRB world rankings. From a coaching perspective it has given us the ability to grow & learn our trade. We edit & analyze all of our training sessions, play them back to the athletes this has given us instant feedback & further collaboration with rookies & veteran players like.”

Al Caravelli

Head Coach, USA National Sevens Team


“The use of Sportstec products has revolutionised the way we analyse and disseminate information when reviewing team performance and preparing for future games. One of the great strengths of SportsCode is that the user can determine exactly what information is produced by the software. In a dynamic sporting environment this feature lets us alter the focus of our analysis as our game, players and coaching staff develop.”

Gavin Scott

Video Analyst, British and Irish Lions, Scotland Rugby Union



South Africa - Rugby 7's Coach Paul Treu discusses his use of SportsCode

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