• Sylvan Advantage
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SportsCode software products have been developed in conjunction with world leaders in sports to provide the highly flexible video analysis model required by flow sports, such as:

  • Basketball;
  • Field Hockey;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Lacrosse;
  • Rugby;
  • Soccer;
  • Other sports in which focus, involvement and success in the process of the activity are paramount.


Improve, Perform, Win

SportsCode exploits leading-edge technology to test and analyze performance—empowering coaches and players worldwide to seize new opportunities to improve, to perform and to win.

  • SportsCode is the preferred video analysis solution of the United States Olympic Committee.
  • Thirteen of 20 teams at the Rugby World Cup 2007 benefited from Sportstec technologies.


Current users of SportsCode include:

  • Many professional and national programs such as the NBA, NHL, MLS and the FA Premiership.
  • Hundreds of collegiate teams such as NCAA Division 1 programs at Duke, Indiana, Maryland, Louisville and Stanford, as well as the women’s and men’s programs at Brown, Columbia and Princeton in the Ivy League.
  • Thousands of users at the high school and grassroots levels.


References and testimonials are available upon request; a customer list is available at http://www.sportstec.com.


Turn Your Analysis On—The SportsCode Advantage

  • Unprecedented functionality.
  • Powerful and efficient tool—logging is simpler, highly intuitive, more flexible and has greater power.
  • User-defined coding buttons make SportsCode an “any sport” analysis system.
  • No filtering required—just point and click to play video.
  • No separate program required to move video and breakdowns between computers—just drag the file.
  • Titling and drawing tools included.
  • Stacking and overlay of multiple videos.
  • Drag and drop movie editing.
  • Search across multiple files/folders for particular instances; use saved searches.
  • Consistent interface across the product line—users will be up and running immediately when moving to an enhanced version.


Development of SportsCode products continues at full speed, resulting in recent major software upgrades, including:

  • Full-screen and high-definition capture;
  • Review of earlier video while capturing;
  • Appending capture to existing files;
  • Scheduled capture anytime in the future;
  • Control of capture using the Apple remote control;
  • Revamped find, saved searches and export of selected clips direct to iTunes.
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