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Health Care

Members of today’s health care systems—hospitals, medical teaching facilities, universities, health care providers, researchers, medical educators, trainers and technicians—are bombarded daily with information. Unfortunately, much of that information is disconnected, difficult to access or even may become lost.


Health Care systems today want to…


  • Increase training effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Mitigate risk and increase patient safety.
  • Access information that can raise significantly the quality, safety and efficacy of health care.
  • Find a better way to control and improve situational learning by using the advanced medical initiative of medical simulation.


Studiocode can help health care systems…


  • Readily access, store, categorize, view, analyze and share video data.
  • Develop insight while advancing skills and learning new ones in a realistic, risk-free environment using medical simulation. Medical students, physicians, nurses and technicians then can translate those skills into better real-world communication, collaboration, teamwork and crisis management.
  • Assign workflows and tags to any video content that can then be searched, viewed, analyzed, distributed and published.
  • Increase competence and confidence with a comprehensive, sophisticated and reliable analysis and feedback tool.
  • Improve the quality of care and patient outcomes by analyzing a participant’s performance, comparing it against past exercises and best practice examples.


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