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Education & Research

The burgeoning fields of educational research and pedagogy require the best tools to conduct cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative research, promote the highest levels of professional development and enable fast and accurate multidisciplinary analyses.


Education facilities and research groups today want to…


  • Collect, analyze and distribute collaborative and comparative data.
  • Make national and international comparisons of their data with reliability and ease.
  • Increase the quality and reach of educational, training and research offerings.
  • Increase the objectivity of educational assessment.
  • Bridge the gap between summative and formative assessment.


Studiocode can help education facilities and research groups…


  • Access, edit and compile footage in minutes.
  • Deliver video content to the desktop or secure websites or web access points for students or research colleagues to access.
  • Preserve, archive and retrieve data easily.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Collaborate easily with co-workers.
  • Refine the evaluation of curriculum delivery.
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