• Sylvan Advantage
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About Us Mission & History

Mission & History

Our mission is to ally Sportstec’s premium SportsCode and Studiocode software with Sylvan Advantage’s local training, service and support to provide customers with the ultimate in video analysis solutions. Our system:

  • Is easiest to learn;
  • Provides the highest quality video;
  • Makes the most efficient use of customers’ time;
  • Allows for the most sophisticated analysis.


Our Priorities

“Flow sports” are our #1 market. We enable athletes and coaches to optimize training and performance conditions that allow flow to occur. Our product lines reflect this in their design and development.

Sylvan Advantage also serves non-sports sectors such as health care, education, research and business, helping each to address the unique, complex and demanding requirements for assessing learning, performance and professional development.


Meet Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

  • When you use Sportstec products, Sylvan Advantage stands behind you with a multifaceted team:
  • Alex Magleby and Rich Akerboom are the principals in Sylvan Advantage. Both live in the Northeast, are regular Sportstec users and always are available to provide support, training, service and advice.
  • Former coach Chris Leazier in Vermont and Lindsay Miles in Ottawa headline our network of knowledgeable representatives across the Northeast.
  • Ben Myers manages our full-time support department.
  • Joe Boyle, Sportstec’s Northeastern Sales Manager, is an expert on the merits of video analysis software in the basketball market. He was formerly with Pinnacle Systems-Team Sports Division as Product Manager for the basketball and baseball markets.
  • Additional Sportstec sales staff and support experts are located across the country and around the world to offer 24/7 support, with a national office located in California and international headquarters in Sydney, Australia.
  • Worldwide, over 10,000 users have turned to Sportstec to find that winning edge.



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